Individual bass lessons are offered at Miss Leticia Music by Rusty Daniels. Rusty brings his many years experience performing in rock bands and teaching, along with his dynamic personality to his lessons and Rock Band instruction.

Students can also learn to play bass in a group situation by joining Rock Band.


Monthly $120 — Semester: $600


$40 per 30 minutes —Monthly $160 — Semester: $800 - 3% = $ 776

$50 per 45 minutes—Monthly $200 — Semester: $1000 - 3% = $ 970

$60 per hour—Monthly $ 240 — Semester: $1200 - 3% = $ 1164

Registration: We will reserve a spot for each student for the requested time and day of the week when we receive a signed registration form and either the first month’s tuition or the semester paid in full.

Agreement: Signing up for a weekly lesson in a group or private setting means that you are guaranteed that time slot for your child for the semester and are paying tuition to the school. Students are expected to come to lessons at the agreed upon time and day. 

Recitals: There are two recitals per year for the regular school year. December before the break and at the end of June.