Why are Group Lessons so much fun? And why we think it’s so important to our young musicians.

As musicians ourselves, we know how much fun it is to be able to join in with a group of musicians for impromptu jam sessions. That’s, after all, part of the reason we learned to play an instrument in the first place. 

However, joining in, can be intimidating at first. “Am I good enough? Will I be able to hold my own? Will I know the songs?”

We’ve found that the vast majority of students who’ve been exposed to the energy and ‘just go for it’ approach of GROUP have no problem at all with this. We positively encourage people to jump in and play with the GROUP. Everyone tries their hand at the drums, or grabs an electric guitar, or sings. It’s a great way to explore other instruments and learn to play in a group setting. It is fun to see the excitement of ‘ I’m in a band!’ and ‘ ah, I get it’  moment in the students eye.

Many students who take guitar at Miss Leticia Music also go on to play the bass, drums, ukulele or piano. They even develop the confidence to sing into the microphone.

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Why does it work!

In smaller groups and individuals lessons, Leticia and other teachers teach all the techniques and tricks. In GROUP it’s a lot more about having a go and taking chances. The energy of the GROUP carries you and even if you make a mistake nobody cares because we are having too much fun being rock stars playing in the band.

It’s just a ton of fun, and a really valuable lesson for all musicians.

We encourage everybody to take advantage of make-up lessons in a GROUP setting. 

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