Four out of five of our family members have taken lessons or attended camp at Miss Leticia’s Music School, and we’ve all loved it! We’ve learned beginning guitar, a cappella, ukulele and intermediate electric guitar.

Leticia, Rhys, Kimaya and Rusty are all excellent instructors.

—Cathy, (parent)



We love Miss Leticia’s Music School. It's more than a school, it's really a lovely community that you and Rhys have created.

You've given the gift of music to me and my family, and our lives are so much better for it!

We can't thank you enough. Carlos has improved immensely as a musician through your instruction and his participation in rock band, and has also gained the self motivation to practice and work independently to learn even more than we thought possible for his age. I was so inspired by what my son was doing that I started taking lessons too, and making music both by myself and in group lessons has truly changed my life for the better. I love playing and practicing with my son (when he deigns to do so :) 

—Amber, (parent and student)



Miss Leticia Music Camp is my favorite camp of all time.

The first time I went I could hardly play my instrument but at the end of the week I felt like a Rock Star! I learned so much about music and was now even able to read music. All of the songs are fun to learn and the teachers and students made me feel welcome and supported.

—Tatum H. (student)



Awesome safe space for kids to explore and develop musical talents!

Miss Leticia is the teacher we all should have had. 

She's super talented, super patient, and super fun!

Miss Leticia's music school has it all: one-on-one lessons, group lessons, recitals, talent, fun, and community.

—Laura, (parent)



My eldest child started taking lessons from Miss Leticia six years ago. She is still going strong, and her younger sisters have joined or are about to join.  Leticia and her instructors make every child feel welcome at all levels of music experience.

The space is warm and inclusive and empowering for kids

to explore writing, performing and expression thought music.

—Hallie H.(parent)



Miss Leticia's Music School summer camp is the only camp my budding electric bass player wants to go to!

She is signed up for every available session this summer because it is her favorite summer camp experience by far.

Miss Leticia's Music School provides a fun after-school activity that feels manageable for me, as a parent, and really fun for my child. Miss Leticia is incredibly responsive and I feel like my child is in a safe, engaging environment where she is learning a new skill and making new friends. It's a big win all around.

I am always blown away by the group recitals. It's clear that Miss Leticia knows and cares for every one of her students as an individual. Plus, they make really cool music together. It's a recital that I don't mind sitting through because I love watching all the music students perform —even the ones who aren't my own kids!

—Jennifer J.(parent)