Leticia Davies

Leticia began singing as a baby and credits her parents for never telling her to be quiet. At the age of 12, Leticia received her first guitar and began to play music with her Dad, singing duets. Throughout college she continued to play both alone and in groups. Many of the songs written during this time were included on her first album, No Songs About Trains picked up in 1994 by the Seattle/London based Blue Rose Record Company. To promote the album, for the next few years Leticia toured extensively throughout the UK, Europe and Ireland as well as numerous tours across the US. She met Rhys Davies in London on the first tour. They released their second album Gone Daisy in 2005.

RD shot.jpg

Rhys Davies

Rhys is never happier than when he’s jumping into group lessons to jam along on the bass, drums or whatever enhances the experience best . . . or to “put things into context a little.” Rhys spends most of the day illustrating books but is fully involved with Summer Camp and fills in as one of the schools substitute teacher. His style of teaching has been described as “learning from the outside in” . . . in other words, get on board with a ton of fun, energy and enthusiasm and hang on for the ride . . . and without noticing, people pop out as fully formed, confident musicians . . . just like magic. Rhys now offers the same formula to adult Rock Groups and is having a blast!


Rusty Daniels

Rusty has been involved in music since his younger days in Fort Worth, Texas. He’s played in countless bands from a guitar wielding intergalactic overlord in the band Planetoid! to his present 80’s cover band Men Without Work. He has a wealth of information about music gear having worked at Guitar Center for 15 years. Rusty teaches guitar, bass, drums and Rock Band with a bucket load of fun and energy. Since joining the school, he has also helped run the Songwriting Week at summer camp and taught many workshops on instrument care, restringing and GarageBand.

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Kimaya Diggs

Kimaya graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Opera Performance and Creative Writing. A lifelong singer, Kimaya has toured three continents with the world music group Northern Harmony—singing and teaching vocal music from all over the world. She loves picking up new instruments, experimenting, and writing songs. She recently put out her first solo album, Breastfed . . . (really, really good and on sale at the school!)

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Gruff Davies

Gruff has been playing any instrument he could find since he was a wee lad. Now going into his eighth year as a summer camp counselor, Gruff also runs two Rock Bands year round.

Alicia Starkweather

Ali has been an assistant teacher at Miss Leticia Music for almost three years working with all ages. This year Ali will be starting her own classes at the school playing guitar and ukulele.


Watching the youngsters grow as musicians has been a thrill for us, and we've also been able to nurture a great team of young assistants who help out with the larger groups during the year and at summer camp. A huge thanks to Grace, Hannah, Ian, Elliot, Eleanor, Rhea, Tatum, Sydney, and Lily.